Adam Piontek. Human.

“Probabilities collapse. I become increasingly unlikely.”

Robert Charles Wilson, “Divided by Infinity”

From Minnesota, via California, now New York. I’m always learning, and I often think most things should slow down a little, though I’m still working on that practice for myself. I’ve been a tech nerd since my teens in the 1990s, but didn’t begin to take it seriously until around 2009.

I’m now a Desktop Systems Engineer with a large global law firm, involved in desktop & mobile security, testing, deployment, and elevated user support.

I enjoy spending time with my many pets, going hiking, connecting with nature, philosophy, spirituality, and tinkering with programming projects.

This site is powered by reliable old WordPress (with a custom theme), hosted on a plucky Raspberry Pi 4 where I also run instances of Gitea, Miniflux, ZNC, Calibre-Web, BicBucStriim, Komga, FileBrowser, all behind nginx, with PHP, redis, mariadb, and postgresql.

On a beefier Windows machine, I also run Plex, and a few apps via Docker, including audioserve, transmission-openvpn, nzbget, nzbhydra2, etc. (Arr!)