“Probabilities collapse. I become increasingly unlikely.” — Robert Charles Wilson, “Divided by Infinity”

From Minnesota, via California, now New York. I’m always learning, and I often think most things should slow down a little. I’ve been a tech nerd since my teens in the 1990s, but didn’t begin to take it seriously until around 2009.

This site is hosted on Linux, on a home server powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 2700, 64GB RAM and a rather large ZFS storage pool providing basic NFS and Samba file shares.

I like running my own services, like Mastodon Glitch Edition & Pinafore, Plex & Airsonic, Gitea & Guacamole, ZNC & The Lounge, Syncthing & Droppy, BicBucStriim & and Paperless.

My network includes a plucky Raspberry Pi Zero running Pi-Hole, and some Ubiquiti hardware (EdgeRouter Lite, an EdgeSwitch 24 with link aggregation for the server, and a Unifi AP AC Pro).

Check out some of my work!