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“Probabilities collapse. I become increasingly unlikely.” Robert Charles Wilson, “Divided by Infinity”

I'm Adam Piontek. From Minnesota, briefly California, now New York longest of all. I’m always learning, and I often think most things should slow down a little. I’m still working on that practice for myself. I’ve been a tech nerd since my teens in the 1990s, but didn’t begin to take it seriously until around 2009.

I enjoy spending time with my pets, going hiking, connecting with nature, anthropology, philosophy, spirituality, and tinkering with programming projects. Find me on Mastodon, Twitter, Github, Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram, even TikTok — and get my public GPG key.

This site is powered by Eleventy & Caddy, on a little hosted VPS that also runs Miniflux, Mealie, Gitea, ZNC, Dashy, and a self-made shift-worker scheduler I wrote in elixir.

On a spry little Celeron J6412 box at home, I run magicmirror, Calibre-Web and BicBucStriim, Plex, and a few other things. And I have the pleasure of OpenWrt on a thriving Edgerouter 4.

Also, it's 73k as in TEK, like Piontek, like tech, like … nevermind.