A little karaoke search, improved

My partner occasionally hosts some karaoke, and lately has been using software from OpenKJ, which is pretty nifty. The creator of that project released, some time back, a request service you can pay to use — it lets you upload your song library from the main software, and then lets people search and request songs while you’re hosting.

They also released a little standalone version of this that you can host yourself, which is right up my alley, so I’ve done that. However, it hasn’t been updated since 2018, and while the API hasn’t changed, the interface is a little wonky and not great on mobile. So for a while, I’ve been meaning to fork it and improve it…

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Caddy on OpenWrt with access to LuCI

After getting OpenWrt working on my EdgeRouter 4, since I’ve grown accustomed to the flexibility & ease of Caddy in other situations, I wondered if I could use it in this case. Turns out, yes! Especially thanks to Siger Yang’s notes and this cgi-ubus script. I had to make some adjustments on top of what Yang describes, so here’s what worked for me:

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OpenWrt on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 (ER-4)

Mid-2021 I noticed it seems like Ubiquiti has quietly discontinued their EdgeRouter lines (they’re increasingly sold out, there haven’t been firmware updates in a while), and since I like to keep my devices’ firmware up to date I became a little concerned.

In looking for solutions I eventually found I could extend the life of my EdgeRouter 4, which is otherwise pretty solid hardware, by installing OpenWrt. Luckily I already had a USB-to-serial cable on hand, and with that it was pretty straightforward, following the OpenWrt project’s instructions for EdgeRouter devices.

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73k.us, Federated (No More)

UPDATE 2023-01-10: Well, that didn’t last long. On some reflection and limited use, I realized there isn’t really any reason to federate my blog. The experience isn’t as good as it could be, and other reasons better explored by Kev Quirk. You can follow the RSS feed, and beyond that, I like things simpler these days.

Original content of this post about the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress follows:

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Tripeaks Solitaire Solver in JavaScript

Tripeaks board layout preview

I’ve created an online Tripeaks Solver.

This is based on the excellent work done by IgniparousTempest on Github — see his demo here.

I made some changes to support new features and built a new web interface. This solver can help you along with incomplete games and provide a “best solution” for unsolvable games. It also shouldn’t lock up on unsolvable or difficult games, providing progress feedback while waiting, since it can still take several minutes to do its work if the game isn’t easy.

I hope this helps some people. Source is available at Github, as well as my Gitea host.