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Baked Pumpkin/Banana Oats Breakfast Concept

For a long time, Kat had been doing a form of chia pudding for breakfast. On one day growing weary of it, she declared a need for a Brand New Breakfast Concept.

While I declared that my new band name, she began making a baked oats dish, until at some point, due to scheduling issues and These Terrible Times We Live In, it fell to me, and I needed A Recipe Of Some Kind, and found this Kodiak Cakes Air Fryer Oats recipe.

Turns out I do quite like their "Power Oats" product, so I've been using that, but I've also done it with regular rolled oats.

I've also done it with banana instead of pumpkin (we have sometimes stockpiled overripe banana in the freezer, so I've used that), and in that case, gone with less milk, or no milk at all, depending on how liquidy the "liquids" become with thawed banana involved.

I always double the recipe, and bake the oats in what I think is a 10" square baking pan, not the round pans pictured at the link.

Anyway, here's a doubled recipe for my future reference:

In one bowl, combine all the dry items. In another bowl, combine the wet items and whisk together.

Grease baking pan with some butter. Combine the wet & dry items and whisk together briefly, then pour into the baking pan.

Bake in your air fryer at ~325F for 15-20 minutes, or, like, until a fork or toothpick or whatever comes out clean and it seems done to you. If adding nuts, you probably want to put them on after it's already baked halfway at least, to avoid them just burning if they're in there the whole time.