When it Rains

Quoted from this talk on the legend of Aṅgulimāla, from the Wild Heart Meditation Center’s Spring Retreat, the speaker quoting their teacher:

When it rains
Before I can get to the sound of the rain
I have to walk through sounds of war
I have to walk through the screams of young men dying
I have to walk through the visions of tree lines up in napalm
I have to listen to the screams of 17-year-old boys crying, for their fathers, for their girlfriends, for their mothers
Before I can get to a place that is just rain.

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Back to WordPress, with a custom theme

Ages ago, in the era of blogs, I used WordPress for a few years, but at the time I was too convinced that programming was too hard for me to properly learn enough web development to really customize things, and eventually I stopped writing as other interests drew my attention.

Here’s the boring story of how I ended up all the way back at WordPress after learning enough programming that nothing really scares me anymore…

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Elixir Phoenix Automated Deployment with Gitea/systemd

I don’t know if this is the “right” way to do this, but it’s working for me at the moment, and since it took a bit to figure out, I figured I’d write up my notes.

My needs are simple: when I’m happy with an update to my blog, or another elixir phoenix app I run, Shift73k (or more in the future), I’d like to be able to just commit to my repository, and then have those changes go live. At the moment I run both gitea and my other little apps on the same Linode, so I was able to set it up like this:

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RSS Feed When Using Elixir Phoenix LiveView

While re-implementing my website in elixir/phoenix, I wanted to include an RSS feed for the blog posts. Luckily I found pretty much everything I needed in Daniel Wachtel’s Building an RSS Feed with Phoenix post, but since I’m making use of LiveView, I ran into one hiccup — errors about a missing root.xml layout!

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