Greek Lentil Soup, Adapted

If anyone needs ideas for Good Plague Cookin’, here’s a tasty one.

(This recipe was adapted per KB from

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Mom's Meatloaf

Preheat oven to 350

So as you know, I just throw my meatloaf together, but here are my estimates based on a bunch of published recipes:

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New Front Page “Internet Home”

April 2021 update: After a few months, I decided I wanted my blog integrated, and I wanted to do it with Elixir, so I’m no longer using the static webpack-built website, but the style is basically the same. So anyway, the below is outdated but it was fun learning.

Since I’m enjoying this new minimalist blogging platform, and my main site has languished for years (I’ve tried doing a static site via hugo, then moved back to a Wordpress blog, but I didn’t really like or make use of either), I figured it was time to exercise some old creative muscles and make a sort of minimalist home site.

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Shame on American leadership

If you haven’t read this yet, you should. But you’re not going to feel good:

Headlines Don’t Capture the Horror We Saw“ (subtitle: “I chronicled what COVID-19 did to a hospital. America must not let down its guard.”)

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Enable Visual Studio CLI environment in PowerShell

My initial problem: I have an elixir project I’m building primarily on linux, but I want it to work on Windows, too, and I’m using bcrypt, which needs nmake to compile on Windows.

One must install Visual Studio (VS), but that’s not enough.

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Creating a gif from a video

As a personal note, since I’ve done it for family a few times now, here are steps one can use to create a gif from a longer video.

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Lana Del Arr's ‘Ultrapirates’ (parody lyrics for songs from Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ultraviolence’

A couple years back I was into the idea of Lana Del Rey’s album “Ultraviolence” as a pirate-themed album. My family joked about a version called “Ultrapirates.”

Naturally I ended up writing some alternate lyrics. There’s only two; I never got around to doing “Buccaneer Baby” (for “Brooklyn Baby”). Anyway, I figured I should put them online for posterity…

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