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A little karaoke search, improved

My partner occasionally hosts some karaoke, and lately has been using software from OpenKJ, which is pretty nifty. The creator of that project released, some time back, a request service you can pay to use — it lets you upload your song library from the main software, and then lets people search and request songs while you’re hosting.

They also released a little standalone version of this that you can host yourself, which is right up my alley, so I’ve done that. However, it hasn’t been updated since 2018, and while the API hasn’t changed, the interface is a little wonky and not great on mobile. So for a while, I’ve been meaning to fork it and improve it…

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Tripeaks Solitaire Solver in JavaScript

Tripeaks board layout preview

I’ve created an online Tripeaks Solver.

This is based on the excellent work done by IgniparousTempest on Github — see his demo here.

I made some changes to support new features and built a new web interface. This solver can help you along with incomplete games and provide a “best solution” for unsolvable games. It also shouldn’t lock up on unsolvable or difficult games, providing progress feedback while waiting, since it can still take several minutes to do its work if the game isn’t easy.

I hope this helps some people. Source is available at Github, as well as my Gitea host.

Back to WordPress, with a custom theme

Ages ago, in the era of blogs, I used WordPress for a few years, but at the time I was too convinced that programming was too hard for me to properly learn enough web development to really customize things, and eventually I stopped writing as other interests drew my attention.

Here’s the boring story of how I ended up all the way back at WordPress after learning enough programming that nothing really scares me anymore…

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Elixir Phoenix Automated Deployment with Gitea/systemd

I don’t know if this is the “right” way to do this, but it’s working for me at the moment, and since it took a bit to figure out, I figured I’d write up my notes.

My needs are simple: when I’m happy with an update to my blog, or another elixir phoenix app I run, Shift73k (or more in the future), I’d like to be able to just commit to my repository, and then have those changes go live. At the moment I run both gitea and my other little apps on the same Linode, so I was able to set it up like this:

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RSS Feed When Using Elixir Phoenix LiveView

While re-implementing my website in elixir/phoenix, I wanted to include an RSS feed for the blog posts. Luckily I found pretty much everything I needed in Daniel Wachtel’s Building an RSS Feed with Phoenix post, but since I’m making use of LiveView, I ran into one hiccup — errors about a missing root.xml layout!

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Blog, Incorporated

After a few months working with Writefreely, (kept separate from a static webpack-generated front page), I just really didn’t like the feel of keeping a blog in separate software with a database, when the content itself was just markdown. Probably the thing to do would be to hop on the static site bandwagon, but I’ve been spending so much time learning elixir & phoenix for other projects, I didn’t relish spending time learning a whole new toolchain.

Luckily, there are good resources on basing a blog off markdown files in Elixir Phoenix, in a manner basically as speedy as a static site. So…

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New Front Page “Internet Home”

July 2021 update: Well that didn’t last long. Turns out I really miss having a convenient interface to write posts. But I’ve learned enough to implement my site design as a WordPress theme, and I’m tired of using tiny low-to-no-support projects, so WordPress it is!

April 2021 update: After a few months, I decided I wanted my blog integrated, and I wanted to do it with Elixir, so I’m no longer using the static webpack-built website, but the style is basically the same. So anyway, the below is outdated but it was fun learning.

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