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RSS Feed When Using Elixir Phoenix LiveView

While re-implementing my website in elixir/phoenix, I wanted to include an RSS feed for the blog posts. Luckily I found pretty much everything I needed in Daniel Wachtel’s Building an RSS Feed with Phoenix post, but since I’m making use of LiveView, I ran into one hiccup — errors about a missing root.xml layout!

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New Front Page “Internet Home”

July 2021 update: Well that didn’t last long. Turns out I really miss having a convenient interface to write posts. But I’ve learned enough to implement my site design as a WordPress theme, and I’m tired of using tiny low-to-no-support projects, so WordPress it is!

April 2021 update: After a few months, I decided I wanted my blog integrated, and I wanted to do it with Elixir, so I’m no longer using the static webpack-built website, but the style is basically the same. So anyway, the below is outdated but it was fun learning.

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