September 9, 2018 · blog web development

The Great Hugo Static Site Migration

UPDATE March 2, 2019: That only lasted half a year. I'm back to Ghost. I like Hugo, but the convenience of a hosted app in which I can just write and post outweighs the fun of tinkering. But I'll keep this older post for posterity...

I haven't invested a lot of energy in a personal website since the advent of social media. Long ago I used Wordpress on shared hosting, quite a lot, but since about 2007-2008 it fell by the wayside, and I didn't even care enough to hang on to the old posts.

I'm not sad about it; I'm a pretty different person these days.

Since then, although I've done a lot of self-hosting of various services, I didn't do much but maintain a basic web presence. I set up a ghost blog last year or so, but didn't really use it, and grew tired of having a whole software package running all the time going to no use.

So I finally committed to learning a static site generator. I chose hugo, and it's been a lot of fun. I haven't paid much attention to basic web development in a long time, so while trying out several themes and playing at customizing all of them, I got some refresher practice in CSS, and had reason to learn the basics of gulp.js, and then brunch.

I finally settled on a forked & modified hyde theme, adding sidebar background, shaded overlay, fontawesome social icons, and shadows for it all. I wanted the sidebar a little prettier while staying legible. Other changes: different fonts, removing timestamps from non-blog pages, removing non-blog pages from the RSS feed, and adding css minification cssnano-brunch. And after a quick extra half hour work, I stuffed in category & tag display, and reading time, mainly lifted from the excellent hyde hyde theme.

And just now, I finally updated the readme! It ain't perfect but should help anyone who actually wants to play with it.

Thanks for visiting & reading!

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