To date I’ve worked mainly in Node.js, Python, and bash scripting, with a little PHP, though I’ve also done some study in Java and C++, both on my own and as part of my ongoing Computer Science studies at Queens College.


Errbot plugins

Karaoke Search & Request Engine

kar-search is a simple Node.js web app for searching through karaoke songs (in an sqlite database). It also allows requesting songs, which are sent by slack message to the karaoke DJ.

I have more ambitious plans but further development will probably be in a new project.

node-dyndns2 for nsd updates

node-dyndns2 (also on github) is little dyndns2 API endpoint, designed to run alongside nsd. It can receive IP address updates from machines on dynamic IPs, and update nsd accordingly.

I no longer use this as I stopped needing to run my own DNS server.

Cryptocurrency Multi-algo/Multi-pool Miner manager

ketnoipmultiminer is no longer maintained and needed some cleaning even when I was using it, but it was my biggest project at the time I wrote it. With an object-oriented approach I used Python 3 to manage various cryptocurrency miners (GPU & CPU), fetching profit from various mining pools and switching miners and algorithms based on the new data.

I no longer do or follow cryptocurrency mining but it was fun to work on what was, for me, my most ambitious project at the time.


kmm-monitor Related to ketnoipmultiminer, I forked and modified this little php project for monitoring the miner status remotely.