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73k, Federated (No More)

UPDATE 2023-01-10: Well, that didn't last long. On some reflection and limited use, I realized there isn't really any reason to federate my blog. The experience isn't as good as it could be, and other reasons better explored by Kev Quirk. You can follow the RSS feed, and beyond that, I like things simpler these days.

Original content of this post about the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress follows:

As federated social media picks up some steam, I experienced my old habitual thought of "I'll run my own server!" But such efforts take effort, and I'm tired. The place I've made my home so far seems run pretty well and I'm having a nice enough time, why complicate matters?

That said, I was thinking it'd be nice if my longer-form writing could be federated ("Maybe I'd even write more!" Sure, sure...). And there is a self-host option for that, but then there's a heavy lift in migrating content, trying to theme it, etc.

Then I discovered there's an ActivityPub plugin for WordPress, which makes so much sense, I just had to install it. It encouraged me to add a little author page support to my custom theme, at least, since that's the "profile."

Anyway, now for whoever cares, you can not only subscribe to a classic feed, apparently you can also now follow my writing here on Mastodon et al. -- and using as the handle, no less! Pretty slick, in theory, but I have yet to see how this plays out in real-world experience.

In a way, this post itself is a test, since I subscribed to myself from my account, and this is my first post after setting this up. Let's find out what happens!