Lana Del Arr's 'Ultrapirates' (parody lyrics for songs from Lana Del Rey's 'Ultraviolence'

A couple years back I was into the idea of Lana Del Rey’s album “Ultraviolence” as a pirate-themed album. My family joked about a version called “Ultrapirates.”

Naturally I ended up writing some alternate lyrics. There’s only two; I never got around to doing “Buccaneer Baby” (for “Brooklyn Baby”). Anyway, I figured I should put them online for posterity…

The Great Hugo Static Site Migration

I haven’t invested a lot of energy in a personal website since the advent of social media. Long ago I used Wordpress on shared hosting, quite a lot, but since about 2007-2008 it fell by the wayside, and I didn’t even care enough to hang on to the old posts. I’m not sad about it; I’m a pretty different person these days. Since then, although I’ve done a lot of self-hosting of various services, I didn’t do much but maintain a basic web presence.

Pi-Hole Love

I’m really liking my Pi-Hole.

Katie gave me a Raspberry Pi Zero W for Christmas, and while it’s also inspired other projects to come down the line, I finally settled on using it for Pi-hole.