Lana Del Arr's 'Ultrapirates' (parody lyrics for songs from Lana Del Rey's 'Ultraviolence' · September 11, 2018 · parody lyrics song lana del rey pirates music

A couple years back I was into the idea of Lana Del Rey's album "Ultraviolence" as a pirate-themed album.

The Great Hugo Static Site Migration · September 9, 2018 · blog web development

An old post about switching to Hugo static generator for my website, but I've since switched back to Ghost.

If no one will do it, it needn't be done -- on BS jobs and toddler bosses · May 17, 2018 · work economics politics society

There's a new book out by David Graeber, and I haven't read it yet, but I'm dying to write about a *review* of it, whose sole criticism is stuck in my craw. I imagine a lot of people identifying with it, yet I find it deeply flawed and misguided.

Pi-Hole Love · March 24, 2018 · raspberry pi privacy

I'm really liking my Pi-Hole. Katie gave me a Raspberry Pi Zero W for Christmas, and while it's also inspired other projects to come down the line, I finally settled on using it for Pi-hole.

libsystemd-daemon-dev error when Compiling Transmission on Ubuntu 16.04+ · March 1, 2018 · ubuntu transmission compiling

Due to vulnerabilities in Transmission 2.92 and lower, it's important to upgrade to 2.93+, except the Ubuntu PPA has not yet been updated. Thus, one compiles! Except, I found that compiling on Ubuntu 16.04 and above, I then could not start the service with systemd.