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New Front Page “Internet Home”

July 2021 update: Well that didn't last long. Turns out I really miss having a convenient interface to write posts. But I've learned enough to implement my site design as a WordPress theme, and I'm tired of using tiny low-to-no-support projects, so WordPress it is!

April 2021 update: After a few months, I decided I wanted my blog integrated, and I wanted to do it with Elixir, so I’m no longer using the static webpack-built website, but the style is basically the same. So anyway, the below is outdated but it was fun learning.

Since I’m enjoying this new minimalist blogging platform "WriteFreely" and my main site has languished for years (I’ve tried doing a static site via hugo, then moved back to a Wordpress blog, but I didn’t really like or make use of either), I figured it was time to exercise some old creative muscles and make a sort of minimalist home site.

Way back in the late 90s and 2000s I would fashion HTML by hand and get a little artsy. This wasn’t quite that, but it was fun!

You can see my repository here, one of the few I’ve made public.

I made use of and expanded some skills I’ve used on other projects the last couple years, getting a little deeper into webpack configuration so I could use pug (oh god editing raw HTML is such a pain! Pug is so much more pleasant) and inline SVG icons (thanks to html-webpack-inline-svg-plugin).

It’s nothing too fancy beyond that, just generates HTML with some Bulma CSS and minor changes.

Who knows if I’ll have time to expand it, the portfolio is empty so far and I’m incredibly busy, but it’s been a fun detour!