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Pear Rosemary Baked Oats Breakfast Concept

Coming off several rounds of the pumpkin baked oats concept, some fatigue had set in, and a variation was called for.

For now we've settled on a version of this pear baked oatmeal recipe, with some modifications.

The biggest one is that I do it more like what I've been doing previously, meaning the fruit is all mixed in. I basically cube the pears and mix it in with the other wet items. I like the pear more evenly distributed.

Also skipping the flax seeds, and the whole topping part, but otherwise it's basically the same:

Instructions basically the same as my other baked oats:

In one bowl, combine all the dry items. In another bowl, combine the wet items and whisk together.

Grease baking pan with some butter. Combine the wet & dry items and whisk together briefly, then pour into the baking pan.

These should bake longer than the others - I've been doing about 40min at ~330F.